At Avocet Media we believe that the best way of communicating accurate and real time information about our fisheries is through media engagement. 

Mike Warner is a member of the Guild of Food Writers and uses his extensive knowledge of the fishing industry and his army of country wide fishing industry contacts, to promote and report on all types of domestically produced fish and shellfish. A regular contributor to Country Life magazine, he researches stories about or from our fishermen around the UK and relays them in a consumer-facing way, which is underpinned by accurate and real-time advocacy and understanding. 

We also create technical and PR copy for companies and organisations who seek to access up to date information on fisheries and also for sources within the fishing industry who wish to promote their products and brands. We believe strongly in all social media platforms to enable the transfer of knowledge, ultimately to the consumer, via key industry influencers in the catering, education and media sectors.


Country Life


The Yorkshire Post Magazine


The Skipper