The UK fishing industry is highly complex and for that reason often very misunderstood. It encompasses different ‘sectors’ which target different fish types. Fin fish, (cod, plaice, mackerel etc) and shellfish (crab, lobsters, scallops, etc) which are further categorised into the fisheries that catch them, usually being defined by vessel and fishing gear type. It’s a diverse and disparate industry that encompasses the entire British Isles. Where there’s access to the sea there are fishermen, and of course the communities that shape and define our coastline exist there as a direct result of centuries spent harvesting the seas. 

In order to promote a better understanding of our fishing industry and the way it works, we have developed a bespoke consultancy service, available to anyone wishing to learn more about how UK seafood arrives at our tables. This involves writing technical, creative and PR content via an extensive knowledge and contact base and providing data, information and resources for companies and organisations wishing to learn more. We also organise corporate and individual educational and experience tours of UK fishing ports and markets where there is the opportunity to engage first hand with fishermen and processors.