The disconnect that exists between the consumer and the fishing industry is all too noticeable in the lack of knowledge of the provenance of seafood, which often inhabits the catering and media sectors. Real-time, accurate reportage and bespoke client exposure to the sharp end of the fishery and seafood sectors are paramount when equipping key influencers with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions, when procuring or talking about seafood.

At Avocet Media, we seek to manage that shortfall in knowledge and experience, by connecting the two ends of the supply chain in a direct and targeted way, which allows end users of UK fish and shellfish to more fully appreciate its production through hands-on learning and ‘coal face’ experience. 

Media engagement is crucial to this process and for our clients we are able to ensure that they connect through the right channels and to the right sources.

Our clients range from food professionals and restaurateurs to industry bodies, government and media agencies.